Getting Real with Augmented Reality

lightning and tornado hitting village
Photo by Ralph W. lambrecht on

Imagine being caught in the middle of a tornado with just a few clicks of a mouse. That’s the reality of some of the biggest networks, thanks to augmented reality.

During my short time working at The Weather Channel I was amazed at some of the things we could do to give people a very realistic look at being caught in the elements. I remember a package where Dr. Forbes showed the impact of a tornado. It was incredible to see how a tornado came through and picked up a tractor trailer behind him. It was definitely my WOW weather is cool moment. I’ve tried to find the video and I can’t, if anyone knows where it is– hit me up!

These days the sky really is the limit when it comes to the magic of augmented reality, especially when it comes to weather. Both ABC and the Weather Channel manage to constantly leave me in a state of awe–just looking at how they can bring weather into our homes. While they both are able to show us how powerful Mother Nature can be, The Weather Channel knows how to have a good time too.

Check out this sweet video of Meteorologist Jen Carfagno.

TWC wanted to do something cool when it came to talking about road tripping across the country and did not disappoint with this bluebonnets ride. 

There are so many ways people are using augmented and virtual reality in entertainment.  However, if you ask me nothing compares to using it to  show just how AWESOME weather can be!

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